In my book, Switch on Sustainability, I take you on my journey of becoming a conscious consumer, and making better choices for us, as well as the generations to come.

I have documented the changes I have made and look forward to helping you short cut your way to a cleaner, greener more sustainable way of life.

It’s never been more super simple for you to implement change – included in the book are online shopping links, easy recipes you can make at home, as well as DIY options to make your own.  Take the overwhelm out of the shift to a healthier lifestyle today.

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My Motivation

We all lead busy lives. And along with that are choices made in the spur of the moment around our food and lifestyle standards – takeaway meals, frozen dinners, fizzy drinks, etc. Sometimes they serve us well in the moment, but not so much for long term. I used to be the same.

It wasn’t so much a light bulb moment that triggered change. It was more a slow dawning of awareness of chemically laden foods, farmers walking off the land after generations of farming due to poor contractual conditions, the amount of damage plastics is doing to the environment (and our health), plus a whole host of other offerings that weren’t serving us well.

Whilst my days can still be hectic (I have yet to master than one!) many of my habits have changed to conscious consumerism in order to make more sustainable choices. I’m thrilled to have captured these changes in my book Switch on Sustainability, so you can short cut your way to a cleaner, greener more sustainable way of life. Good for you & your family, good for the environment. A perfect win-win for everybody and everything.

In my book, Switch on Sustainability, I take you on my journey of becoming a conscious consumer, making better choices for us, and the generations to come.

Author spotlight

Lizzie has long been a crusader for environmental sustainability. About 20 years ago, she made a conscious choice to begin making changes in her life that would reduce the chemicals in her life, reduce the use of plastics and help become a conscious consumer toward a more self-sustainable lifestyle. In the beginning it was simply growing some capsicum plants. Her love of ornamental gardens kept her consumed for many years, without a thought of ever growing her own food. But one day it dawned on her that there was a lot of work being done in her garden. And although it provided her with much pleasure visually, that was the only reward. So, she experimented with growing some other edible foods. And that as they say, the rest his history. Her love of growing and harvesting her own food has become a lifelong love affair.

After that she looked at all the products she was purchasing, and many from large multinational companies. Cosmetics and skin care, clothing, highly processed or manufactured food products, cleaning products, along with a range of other items that rolled off a conveyor belt. She pondered over why she had lost her connection with how and where food was grown. Over time she found alternatives that were much simpler, less expensive and without all the additives and preservatives in them.

She was a passionate yet quiet achiever, talking about her enviro projects in conversations with friends and other likemindeds. Until she was challenged to put pen to paper by a dear friend who recognised her knowledge and encouraged her to share it with the world.

Although Lizzie grappled with the idea that she could make a difference, she forged ahead anyway. Coz that’s just what she does! She starts with an idea, builds on it, researches it, implements it, and learns as he goes. That’s one of her life philosophies – you don’t need to know everything before you start. Just start! Live life on the edge – make the change, start the project and learn along the way. Be brave. Be the change.

She’s passionate, fun, strong willed, kind and respectful, and loves life. One friend describes her as a ‘ballsy bitch’ because once she sets her mind to something, she won’t allow any road blocks to get in her way!

She is now sharing her journey in order to help people take a short cut to leading a healthier lifestyle, that also benefits our beautiful Earth.

Liz O'Dwyer

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