Tackling Food Waste

Another issue that contributes heavily to our current crisis is food waste, particularly going directly to landfill. Time to give it another life!

Food waste remains one of our major issues when it comes to environmental sustainability. 

It may be grocery items purchased on our weekly shop, then discarded at the end of the week because they were unused.  It may be a meal that has been cooked and not eaten.  Or even a takeaway meal not finished, and left to get to a point of no return in the fridge.  Whatever the case, the food very often ends up in landfill.  

Apart from the financial cost (expert reports suggest that 20% of the household food budget ends up being thrown out.  Now, I don’t know about you, but I’d much rather 20% of my budget be spent on a tropical holiday somewhere!)  

All jokes aside, there are some very simple ways you can dramatically reduce, or preferably eliminate, food waste.  Along with that you will also be saving money.   Bring on the tropics!